Revenge of the Girl of the Great Personality

Lexi is the best friend; the girl everyone goes to for help, with clothes, with boyfriend/girlfriend issues, when they want to laugh. But she never gets the guy. And she is tired of living her life around her younger sister’s “Toddlers in Tiaras” lifestyle, creating outfits, shuttling her around to pageants, not having any life except to cheer on her spoiled rotten little sister at competitions. On a dare, Lexi drops her sloppy look and puts on a little glam herself, and suddenly she is noticed by the in crowd at school.

The book explores Lexi’s conflicting feelings about what it is like to be popular, to have a boyfriend, and whether all that she has had to change about herself is worth her newfound popularity. The parents are extreme stereotypes, but I am not sure this will bother most teens. However, the book gets more than a little preachy, which is unfortunate because the author explores some serious issues, writes wonderful comic scenes, and creates some likeable characters. Still, I think many teens will relate and want to read this.

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