Gordon’s Guide to Caring for Your Guinea Pigs

Gordon Guinea Pig guides a potential owner through everything one should know before owning a guinea pig as a pet.  Beginning with types of guinea pigs and where to find them, one learns how to prepare a home for them.  A variety of correct foods and plenty of water keep them healthy.  Guinea pigs are active and need safe places to play and explore.  Signs that a guinea pig needs veterinary care are listed.  Extra facts and tips are given along with a glossary, index, websites, and additional books to read.  When considering purchasing a guinea pig for a pet, this book provides a good balance of fun and daily responsibilities.  Illustrations are a mixture of colorful cartoon images and photographs.  Photographs are carelessly “taped” to the page – possibly to add kid appeal.  All told, this is a useful resource for those interested in guinea pigs.

About Julie Hitt

I am a recently retired K-6 teacher librarian from Ocosta Elementary School in Westport, WA.
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