Choosing a Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Ferret, or Rat: How to Choose and Care for a Small Animal

Choosing the best small animal as a pet for your family is an important decision.  This book introduces seven small mammals, how to feed and care for them, individual traits, and if they can be trained.  Each animal has a page or two describing the cage, food, and supplies to keep your animal happy and healthy.  Enough information is given about each animal for one to decide if a particular pet would be a good fit with one’s family.  There are large, colorful photographs of each animal.  Text is easy to read, each photo has a cation, and there are many Fast Facts sprinkled among the pages.  Glossary, index, internet sites, and other books to read are included.  Great resource!

About Julie Hitt

I am a recently retired K-6 teacher librarian from Ocosta Elementary School in Westport, WA.
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