Black River Falls

In this science fiction novel, teenage Cardinal Cassidy struggles to survive in a small town called Black River. Many people in the town have been struck with the Plague which erases one’s memories. Cardinal wears a black mask, giving him the nickname Black Mask Man. He must be constantly cautious so as not to get infected by the virus. Every time Cardinal ventures into the downtown area, he comes face to face with individuals who have been infected by the Plague or are people from his personal past who are also infected. He must go on a journey to find out about those that he knows personally from his past…But those folks do not remember their past at all! Once he investigates “the infected,” he must chose to tell each one about their past or not.

The characters were very relateable which helps the reader stay intrigued and interested. The author’s diction brings the reader wanting more of the story. This book will motivate the reader to understand that everything happens for a reason. Fans of science fiction will definitely want to read this book.

— Emma S.

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