Women with Wings: Women Pilots of World War ll

Significant, but overlooked, pilots of World War II are showcased in this important book by Shannon Baker Moore. We learn about women who were ahead of their times, wanting to do more than society was ready for them to do. American women fought battles here on our soil to gain acceptance for their passion for flying and their relevance to the war effort. In addition to American pilots, the author describes Soviet and British females who took to the sky. Their work was hard and they fought prejudice along the way, but these strong women wanted nothing more than to be in the air with the ground below them, doing their part for their countries. A chapter on female pioneers before the war years gives the reader a starting point for the women that followed.
Historical photos, a timeline and additional resources enrich the material presented in the book. My only complaint is the that the sidebars and text boxes scattered throughout are in a pale color and the white text tends to blend in too much. They also make the pages rather drab, since most of the photos are black and white. A more colorful choice might have enlivened the appearance of the pages. A recommended choice.

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