This Raging Light

This Raging Light¬†tells the hard luck story of a 17 year old girl who has to care for her sister after terrible family dynamics occur: her dad loses his mind, and her mom abandons the girls. Lucille gets a job in a sketchy (Hooters’ style) restaurant to pay the bills, but struggles as a teenager to make enough money to support her sister and herself and to run the household.

Adding to her worries are her best friend, a character that is hard to like due to her meanness to Lucille. And, complicating things even more, Lucille falls for her best friend’s twin brother. He, also, is difficult to like, as he already has a girlfriend, yet he cheats on her with Lucille, and cheats on Lucille with the girlfriend. The two-timing boyfriend and the mean best friend, compounded by too many confusing plot turns, make this a difficult book to finish. ¬†Too much drama.






About Deborah Pattin

Teacher Librarian, River Ridge High School.
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