The Ultimate Survival Guide

With an Introduction by Ben Fogle who spent forty-nine days rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as spending a year living on an unhabited island, plus an author who is a trekker and climber you can learn how to survive in the wilderness, whether it’s the arctic, the desert, the jungle, or your own backyard.  I commend the kid friendly, graphic design with colorful illustrations and photos.    Learn how to plot a map, make a waterproof shelter, navigate using the stars, leave tracking signals, and bake high energy survival snacks.  Each chapter includes hands-activities.  For example, the Desert Chapter ends with how to build a solar still, and a water filter from natural materials.  Also, each chapter ends with real survival stories that can be quite riveting.  The last chapter  includes Tips, Warnings, Trivia and a Survival Quiz.  If you only need one survival guide in your collection…this is the one!

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