The Last True Love Story

Like sappy love stories — this is not it.  The Last True Love Story does not take place in a high school.  The Last True Love Story does not have a female protagonist.  The Last True Love Story does not have an amazing happily-ever-after ending.  The Last True Love Story is about love that is deeper than the superficial stuff most teens crave.  And that is why this book can succeed.  Teddy has a lot on his shoulders.  His mother travels for work.  His father drove off a bridge when he was much too young to remember anything about him.  His Gpa, whom he visits on a regular basis, is battling Alzheimer’s.  But Gpa does remember how much he loved his wife and the last thing he wants is to lose her again.  When fate allows Teddy to meet Corrina, an acoustic guitar playing, non-theatrical music buff who desperately wants to go to New York City, causes Teddy’s mom to be out of town but the car left behind, and proposes the chance to drive across country to take Gpa back to his long-lost home in Ithica, New York, Teddy takes a leap of faith like he’s never done before.  The love themes explored in this book is veiny, deep, and rings more true than most hokey love stories for young adult fiction.  And while this is such a huge part of the book, this reader is afraid the title alone will keep males from reading it.  Well-versed musicians and music history fans will appreciate all the references to decades of songs.  This is a good read that might be overlooked.

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