The Bridge from Me to You

The pressures of being the star football player is not a wholly original conflict for a novel. But with alternating chapters voiced by the two main characters Colby and Lauren, what could just be another run of the mill high school romance has a bit more clout in The Bridge from Me to You.  The author begins with Lauren’s voice, composed in free verse instead of prose.  She has been relocated to live with her aunt and uncle in a new small town.  There’s an air of mystery as to why she’s moved and author Lisa Schroeder lets it hang in the air for a good portion of the book.  Lauren wants to be back in her previous life but is seeing how family can genuinely love each other.  This love will also blossom with Colby.  Colby’s voice comes in prose.  He’s independent but is learning how to speak his own mind to the adults in his life.  There’s just enough side stories to weave a story that could be on the Hallmark channel.  Colby is a gentleman at heart and this book could span down into middle school libraries with no worries.  There are definitely girls in my library who will enjoy this story.

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