Nic Bishop Snakes

Another stunning, up-close look at an animal species…Nic Bishop, again, has impressed us with a well-organized, breath takingly photographed, award winning publication…this time on snakes.  The text is packed with astonishing facts that rivets the reader.  “It can take an hour or so for a python to devour a deer or a leopard (yes, a leopard.)  Even animals with horns get swallowed, although snakes have spiked themselves trying to eat really prickly things, such as porcupines.”   There are such unusual snake varieties, photographed in spectacular positions.  At first reading, one wonders how Nic Bishop could ever have gotten these photographs.  Thankfully, in the Back Matter, he explains exactly how he accomplished this feat.  Kudos to this acclaimed naturalist and photographer for bringing us such stellar books, time and time again.

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