Lawnmageddon #3

Book #3 finds Nate and Patrice riding their bicycles, with the peashooters and squash, being chased by zombies. They are surrounded until Uncle Dave drives up and over some of the zombies. Uncle Dave will take Nate and Patrice to the mansion to start the wind machine, which will blow away the BIG cloud from . . . → Read More: Lawnmageddon #3


Using simple text and colorful pictures, this book provides young readers with the physical characteristic, habitat, food, and life cycle of the camel. The habitat section includes a map of the Eastern Hemisphere. Glossary terms are in red. The way the glossary term ruminants is used in the text leads the reader to believe that . . . → Read More: Camels


Using simple text and colorful pictures, this book provides young readers with the physical characteristic, habitat, food, and life cycle of the orangutan. The habitat section includes a map of Southeast Asia. Glossary terms are in red. Quick Stats section at end of the book visually and numerically compares the orangutan’s height as shorter than . . . → Read More: Orangutans

Jack Frost

This modern fairy tale, third in the series, is a whimsical story of magic and charm. It describes the origin of the character, Jack Frost. He is known as Nightlight, sworn to protect the Man in the Moon and light his way. But when the Nightmare King attacks, Nightlight brings him down with a price . . . → Read More: Jack Frost

I Yam a Donkey

This is a very silly book about a donkey and a yam arguing about proper pronunciation and grammar. The donkey is oblivious to his misuse of the words, “is,” “am,” and “are.” The yam grows continually more irritated and finally gives the donkey a lecture about proper verb conjugation, only to finally be eaten by . . . → Read More: I Yam a Donkey

Paperboy, The

This is an artistic look into the life of a young boy and his dog who run a morning paper route. The lyrical prose set against the vivid paintings present a highly nostalgic view of what used to be many young men’s early morning routine, before the shift toward digital news. Children will find the . . . → Read More: Paperboy, The

Apple Pigs

This reprint of a classic tells of a neglected tree that just needed someone to care. The young girl clears away the rubbish, rakes, hoes, and plants flowers so that in spring the now proud tree flourishes like never before. It’s branches, leaves and blossoms give way to apples until its producing, “Plenty of apples/delicious . . . → Read More: Apple Pigs

Kindergarten is Cool

This is an cheerful portrayal of the first day of kindergarten. Starting with excitement and nerves at home before school and moving on to the activities that take place in kindergarten. Kindergarten is described more by the activities than the learning that takes place. Nervousness makes way to optimism, “Now you’re BIG! You’re in school! . . . → Read More: Kindergarten is Cool


With photographs and simple text, this book provides an introduction to penguins. The heavy use of pronouns, make the simple text less effective. Bold words defined in the glossary include waddle, webbed and flippers, but skips the word krill.

Contains table of contents, glossary and index.

Linked online resources include a more in depth description . . . → Read More: Penguins

The White House

With photographs and simple text, this book provides an introduction to the White House. The heavy use of pronouns, particularly the word “it” make the simple text less effective.

Contains table of contents, glossary and index.

Linked online resources include a more in depth description of the White House with photographs. Also included are downloadable . . . → Read More: The White House

Keepaway Camp

On the first day of summer, Shaggy, Scooby, and their friends in Mystery, Inc., join their friend Fred on a trip to his boyhood camp. The camp is pretty run down but Jasper, the owner, appreciates all the help he gets from Hank, the handyman. After setting up the tent, having a meal, and telling . . . → Read More: Keepaway Camp

The Chocolate Phantom

In this graphic novel, Shaggy’s Aunt Isabelle is a judge for the Chocolate Art Show. It is being ruined by an unknown phantom. She enlists Shaggy and friends to help solve this mystery. They search for clues and eventually set a trap to catch the one responsible for stopping the show. As in most graphic . . . → Read More: The Chocolate Phantom

The Story of the Orange Bowl

Back in the 1930s, Earnie Seiler was a tireless promoter of what was to become the Orange Bowl, one of the final major football contests of the season. Seiler enticed top teams, the Oklahoma Sooners and the Tennessee Volunteers, to face off in the first game played in Miami. The other chapters highlight noteworthy competitions . . . → Read More: The Story of the Orange Bowl

Cars and Trucks

Beginning with suggested drawing materials, the reader is encouraged to learn and use the vocabulary of an artist. 3 – 4 sentences introduce each vehicle. Instructions are given in 6 easy steps. Basic shapes are drawn to help focus on the size and position of the final drawing. Penciled details are defined with a thin . . . → Read More: Cars and Trucks

Red Pandas

Red pandas are tiny relatives of the giant panda and live in bamboo forests. Each spread includes 1 or 2 fact sentences and a large, full-color photograph. Large easy-to-read text provides basic details about physical characteristics, diet, behavior, and habitat. Additional suggested books written about the same level, a website, glossary, and index are included. . . . → Read More: Red Pandas

The Princess and the Pea

Lamond retells the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen. In this children’s adaption, the prince goes off to find a true princess that is wise, sensible, and delicate. He met many women but none were all the things for which he was searching. Soon after his return, a huge storm raged. A young girl appeared . . . → Read More: The Princess and the Pea

Poppy’s Puppy

Poppy finally gets her wish to own a dog. She selects Rosie from the shelter and almost immediately realizes how much attention small puppies need. Poppy’s friend, Millie, helps her teach Rosie a few games. After a full day of playing and teaching Rosie how to fetch, the girls take a snack break while Rosie . . . → Read More: Poppy’s Puppy

Green Animals

Beginning with a definition of green and how it is made by mixing colors, simple text gives examples of where green animals can be found on land, in air, or in water. Color and animals are popular topics for young readers. This book is pleasing to the eye. Photographs are large, clear, and interesting. Each . . . → Read More: Green Animals

Humpty’s Fall

There is lots of humor in this retelling of Humpty Dumpty’s fall. It takes place in a hospital setting with animal characters. Weasel is getting bubblegum removed from his fur when cracked Humpty Dumpty is brought in. The king’s men explain they tried to put him together before calling for help0. Dr. Glenda questions Humpty . . . → Read More: Humpty’s Fall


The Land Sharks (carnivores) are in a swimming competition with the Algae Eaters (herbivores). They compete in several pool events from swimming to diving. Told in rhyme, the various dinosaurs strut their stuff. Some names are shortened to fit the rhyme, but dino-fans will love the realistic action. As the dinosaurs compete, many experience mannerisms . . . → Read More: Dino-Swimming

Ghosts in Hotels

This book is an introduction to ghost sightings in hotels. There is not much text and dark, scary pictures will give chills to the younger ghost-hunting reader. It ends without definitively stating whether ghosts are real or not, leaving that up to the reader. The final pages include a glossary, index and ‘more information’. Historical . . . → Read More: Ghosts in Hotels

Fangs ‘n’ Fire

Tales of dragons are told in many cultures. Here, Mould collects four folktales, one original tale by another author, and five of his own stories. The illustrations are the highlight here. Mould’s artwork is curly and crisp, evocative and bright. His dragons are beautiful and creepy, but friendly too. His writing is uneven – mostly . . . → Read More: Fangs ‘n’ Fire


Part of the Mars Bound series, this book recounts three teens’ perilous journey to Mars after the death of the crew assigned to take them there. In addition to the deaths of the crew, a fellow teen has destroyed their radio, so they have no verbal contact with the Mars station. As they pull closer . . . → Read More: Arrival

Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries

Beginning with an introduction detailing an event in pro wrestling rivalry ‘history’, this book goes on to detail ten great rivalries in countdown fashion. Loaded with pictures and text boxes with extra details, this book is sure to excite young pro-wrestling fans. This title is part of a series of six books on pro wrestling. . . . → Read More: Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries

A Horse Named Steve

Steve is a fine horse that want to be exceptional. He finds a gold horn one day and believes this will make him exceptional. He ties it on his head and shows the other forest animals which leads them to find things to tie to their head. Steve loses his horn and he is so . . . → Read More: A Horse Named Steve