All in Pieces

All in Pieces by Suzanne Young stretches the drama of an unhappy, unloved teenage girl to the max. Savannah Sutton is in a reform high school for anger management for stabbing a pencil into the hand of her former boyfriend when he mocks her special needs brother. At Brooks Academy, Savannah meets Cameron, a modern . . . → Read More: All in Pieces

Net Neutrality

Internet neutrality is a hot topic issue in the U.S. Congress at the moment. The book Net Neutrality presents a concise forum for the discussion and explanation of different aspects regulating to the use and abuse of the world wide web. Who should regulate the speed, source, and options of what is available on the . . . → Read More: Net Neutrality

Black Holes: The Weird Science of the Most Mysterious Objects in the Universe

Black Holes by Sara Latta is non-fiction book that is a quick and captivating read for those who are interested in astronomy and physics but not becoming actual astronomers or physicists.

Latta presents the history and backstory of how the concept of black holes, which started out being called dark stars, has grown into . . . → Read More: Black Holes: The Weird Science of the Most Mysterious Objects in the Universe

What Girls Are Made Of

This novel grabbed me from the very start. I do want to warn that it should be given to upper-high, mature readers. The book is told from the perspective of a sexually active 17 year-old girl, who is trying to figure out just how much love and sexuality should and do define one’s true character. . . . → Read More: What Girls Are Made Of

Will’s Words: how William Shakespeare change the way you talk

A really approachable and informative non-fiction picture book that I think has a wide grade-range of appeal. The illustrations are cartoonish enough to be inviting, but still do a good job of providing the reader with a visual context for the time period. The text is written with a chatty voice that makes it approachable . . . → Read More: Will’s Words: how William Shakespeare change the way you talk

The Haunted Mansion #5

Even though I have not read books 1-4, this was a good read. It helped to have a synopsis on the title page.

Danny went to the mansion to help his deceased grandpa. Danny is now trapped inside the mansion and needs to get out. He achieves this by jumping out of a window into . . . → Read More: The Haunted Mansion #5

The Last True Love Story

Like sappy love stories — this is not it. The Last True Love Story does not take place in a high school. The Last True Love Story does not have a female protagonist. The Last True Love Story does not have an amazing happily-ever-after ending. The Last True Love Story is about love that is . . . → Read More: The Last True Love Story

Keep Me In Mind

When one of two star-crossed lovers full of teen agnst run falls off of a cliff in the 1st chapter, readers of Keep Me In Mind by Jaime Reed will be anxiously ready to turn the next pages. Alternating chapters between each, Ellia Dawson and Liam McPherson tell their side of the story in dealing . . . → Read More: Keep Me In Mind

Women with Wings: Women Pilots of World War ll

Significant, but overlooked, pilots of World War II are showcased in this important book by Shannon Baker Moore. We learn about women who were ahead of their times, wanting to do more than society was ready for them to do. American women fought battles here on our soil to gain acceptance for their passion for . . . → Read More: Women with Wings: Women Pilots of World War ll


Set on an island off the South Carolina coast, Illusion is the third book in the Heirs of Watson Island series. Southern Gothic fiction steeped in mysticism and spirits with strange disappearances and characters who live for centuries, readers who pick up this book without having read the first two will have a difficult time . . . → Read More: Illusion

Black River Falls

In this science fiction novel, teenage Cardinal Cassidy struggles to survive in a small town called Black River. Many people in the town have been struck with the Plague which erases one’s memories. Cardinal wears a black mask, giving him the nickname Black Mask Man. He must be constantly cautious so as not to get . . . → Read More: Black River Falls

This Raging Light

This Raging Light tells the hard luck story of a 17 year old girl who has to care for her sister after terrible family dynamics occur: her dad loses his mind, and her mom abandons the girls. Lucille gets a job in a sketchy (Hooters’ style) restaurant to pay the bills, but struggles as a . . . → Read More: This Raging Light

The Shadows We Know by Heart

The Shadows We Know by Heart is the story of a teenage girl, Leah, whose life has never been the same since the death of her brother ten years earlier. Her mother self medicates with alcohol, and her father is bitter with anger. And Leah has a secret she can’t tell, which is Sasquatches (Big . . . → Read More: The Shadows We Know by Heart

The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet

The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It is written in diary form from Lydia Bennet’s perspective. The author, Natasha Farrant, assumes that the reader has a good working knowledge of the plot of Pride and Prejudice; without that background, this novel won’t have the same effect . . . → Read More: The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet

Almost Autumn

Almost Autumn is set in the snow covered streets of Oslo, Norway, in October 1942. a 15 yr. old Jewish girl, Ilse Stern is waiting to meet Hermann Rod, the boy-next-door who she’s had a crush on forever, to go on their first date. But Hermann can’t make it. Ilse is completely unaware that Hermann . . . → Read More: Almost Autumn

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (Music Storybooks)

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet is presented as a picture book with stunning mixed media illustrations by renowned Mexican artist Gabriel Pacheco.

In addition to beautiful telling of the story, the book includes information about the composer, background about the ballet, and descriptions and definitions of both the music and ballet moves of the performance. Readers . . . → Read More: Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (Music Storybooks)

Make me the Best Football Player

Make Me the Best Football Player is part of the Make Me the Best Athlete series which, in addition to football, also includes the sports of track and field, baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and volleyball.

This non-fiction, easy to read text highlights five positions: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, linebacker, and defensive end. Each . . . → Read More: Make me the Best Football Player

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a graphic novel (it’s more than a short story, more like a novella) by Spanish cartoonist Paco Roca. A work of historic fiction, the story tells of Francisco, a wounded, disheartened sixteen-year-old Republican soldier in the Spanish Civil War. He tries to flee the war by crossing the French border. During his . . . → Read More: The Lighthouse

The Witching Hour (Midnight)

The Witching Hour is part of the Midnight) series of scary stories, which are similar in length to the Goosebumps series, but intended for teen readers. The Witching Hour focuses on Rosie, a teenage girl who moves to the town of Middleton shortly after Mackie, a star played on the high school football team, has . . . → Read More: The Witching Hour (Midnight)


Dallas is part of a new series called Texas Fridays by sports writer Sam Moussavi. This series is football themed. Moussavi wrote the Hoops basketball series, and many non-fiction sports biographies.

In Dallas we meet Bobby Dupree, a backup quarterback who has been trying to make an impression on his coach, and also on girls . . . → Read More: Dallas

The Baby

The story starts with a 17th birthday party for Olivia at her home, and moves quickly to the totally unexpected delivery of a baby on the bathroom floor by her best friend, Nicola, who didn’t even know she was pregnant. Nicola is not at all ready to be a mom. As the story progresses, Nicola . . . → Read More: The Baby

Confessions of a High School Disaster

Confessions of a High School Disaster is the humorous story of Chloe Snow, a high school freshman told from pages of her diary.

It is reminiscent of Bridget Jones’s Diary, although Chloe is only 14. Chloe makes many bad choices, including drinking alcohol at parties, and being tempted to engage in sexual activities with older . . . → Read More: Confessions of a High School Disaster

Alex, Approximately

Author Jenn Bennett immediately builds curiosity and tension in the summer adventure that Bailey “Mink” Rydell is embarking on as she descends a central California airport escalator. Choosing to come live with her father on the California coast, readers soon put together that this is the same town her online crush “Alex” lives in. Alex . . . → Read More: Alex, Approximately

Finding What’s Real

Finding What’s Real is the sequel to Escaping Perfect and does not stand alone, as it picks up right after the first book ends, and the plot continues where it left off. The main character, teenager Cecilia Montgomery, who was on the run for two weeks to escape her overbearing politician mother, has returned to . . . → Read More: Finding What’s Real


In the hip-hop spirit of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical, Hamilton, David Elliot has crafted a reimagining of the myth of the Minotaur voiced in poetic forms by those that influenced the tragic life of Asterion, a gentle intelligent boy born with the head of a bull and the body of a man, whom his mother . . . → Read More: Bull